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Curb Appeal always Matters

Does the exterior matters when you handle a commercial space that doesn’t welcome clients or customers. The answer is a shocking ‘YES.’ Even you don’t look to fill a vacant space. The importance of the flora and fauna matters. Keeping everything green i.e. Lawn maintenance is the key to maintain the value of the property high throughout the year. We never know when tenants require space. So it’s better to be ready always.

The two jobs which are big to handle and cannot be done by you is Landscaping and Maintenance. Keeping up the appearances also has many benefits in Commercial Office Space for Rent in Chennai. Here the tenants and their employees are the only visitors. The tenants fill your bill and in turn bring you high profit. Don’t even think of skipping the monthly landscaping process. Some of the reasons why you shouldn’t compromise in curb appeal are:

You always compete: If you did not lock your tenants in a long term iron-clad agreement. Then it is easy process. But you haven’t done anything like that they will always look for someone better. It is a relationship like all other out there. If you don’t keep your promise in the bargain then your competitor will happily pick them up in ease and close the deal as soon as possible.

Value Always Matters: You are not only the competitor who only needs to be the best out there. It’s always best to make sure to keep the values of the property high. It also improves the complete neighborhood. Always take full pride in your property. That will spread and shine your property through the complete area.

Validate your Rent Hikes:
After completion of a year end and when the lease comes to an end. You might start to charge a slightly higher price for the Commercial Property for Rent in Chennai. But due to high in rent some clients would leave to some other space. So, it always wise to offer beautiful grounds to make your clients happy and to make them come to office every day. Then they won’t be disappointed with the increase and find it reasonable.

Moods are impacted by the Environment: Pleasant and beautiful environments make people happy. It will make an awesome butterfly effect in your mind. Unhappy and unproductive tenants will lead to a big loss for you. This happens when you don’t maintain the space with all care. A moody tenant will complaint more and will delay the payments on rent. When you approach the mistakes will fall on your side.

Maintain a strong Neighborhood:
Where ever the commercial building is built, it will definitely be a part of a neighborhood surrounding. Everyone knows what will happen if a home owner leaves his yards without taking proper care in a residential neighborhood.  Make your external appearance shine bright so that it gives a standard look in your community and also contribute to the total look and feel of your area in a positive way.

So, whenever planning for Commercial Space for Rent in Chennai keep these key points in your mind and make your space a likable place by all the people.

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Psychological Properties Of Colors in Interior Design

Colors play an important role in our life. A colorless life is a bane. Each color has a psychology behind it. Each color throws a unique impact on us even though we may not notice it. They possess Positive energy as well as Negative energy according to their texture and strokes.

Red, Blue, Yellow and Green are the four psychological primary colors around us. Red relates to the body, Blue to the mind, Yellow to the emotions and Green depicts the essential balance between the stated three. Interior Design Bangalore has cumulated a detailed survey on color patterns. There are totally 11 basic colors and their psychological properties are mentioned below:


RED (Physical)

Positive energy: Excitement, physical courage, masculinity strength, stimulation warmth, ‘fight or flight’, energy and basic survival.

Negative energy: Strain, defiance, visual impact and aggression.


BLUE (Intellectual)

Positive energy: Calm, intelligence, reflection, communication, coolness, logic, trust, duty, serenity and efficiency.

Negative energy: Lack of emotion, coldness, unfriendliness, aloofness.


YELLOW (Emotional)

Positive energy: Creativity, optimism, friendliness, confidence, strength, self-esteem, emotional and extraversion.

Negative energy: Depression, irrationality, suicide, fear, anxiety, emotional fragility.


GREEN (Balance)

Positive energy: Peace, Harmony, equilibrium, balance, environmental awareness, reassurance, refreshment, restoration, universal love and rest.

Negative energy: Enervation, boredom, blandness and stagnation.


VIOLET (Spiritual)

Positive energy: Luxury, quality, Spiritual, truth, awareness, authenticity, containment and vision.

Negative energy: Inferiority, introversion, suppression, decadence.



Positive energy: Fun, physical comfort, abundance, food, passion, warmth, sensuality and security.

Negative energy: Frustration, Immaturity, frivolity, deprivation.



Positive energy: Survival of the species, physical tranquility, femininity, sexuality, nurture, love and warmth.

Negative energy: Physical weakness, Inhibition, emasculation, emotional claustrophobia.



Positive energy: Psychological neutrality.

Negative energy: Lack of energy, depression, lack of confidence, hibernation, dampness.



Positive energy: Substance, sophistication, efficiency, glamour, emotional safety, security.

Negative energy: Heaviness, oppression, menace, coldness.



Positive energy: Efficiency, hygiene, sophistication, sterility, simplicity, clarity, cleanness and purity.

Negative energy: Elitism, barriers, sterility, unfriendliness, coldness.




Positive energy: Seriousness, warmth, Nature, earthiness, reliability, support.

Negative energy: Lack of humor, heaviness, lack of sophistication.


Make use of the list of psychological properties of colors in choosing the right patterns of color to decorate the house with the Best Interior Designers In Bangalore