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  1. Activity-Based Planning
    Activity-Based Planning is the key to Commercial Office Space for Rent in Chennai. It addresses the re-planning of the buildings based on activity of the people. During the start of the day, employees arrive and check their voicemail or e-mail first. They have a glimpse to check for any meetings. If it’s confidential they gave to use the private enclave. If it is not confidential then they will use the open conference space.

           Apart from the fact that smaller spaces are given to the workers, they have a lot of activities to select from. Now there is a lot of space for library, café, a resource center and also private rooms.

  1. Change in Office Space.
    In real estate, everything is decided by the post each has with them. The vice president gains more percentage than the sales person. In future this will go the other way around. The amount of real estate workers get is reflected by the time they spend in the building. An engineer who works more than 50-70 percentage of the day on a project will get a bigger space than the salesperson or the president who spends much less time.

  • If the R&D facility was getting out of space. Management team members will have to let their offices and transfer to a smaller space as they are physically 10 % of the day in the office. The engineers should be provided with that space that is very crucial for the project and the team. We can split up the spacing with the help of Office for Rent In Chennai
  1. Equal Spacing cannot be applied to everyone.

          Many jobs are glued to the desks. A clerk in an office always stays on a desk answering to the phone           calls. He stays at the same space all the time. In the BPO there is similar phase where a group of                 people sit on a small space answer call the whole day replying to the queries of the customers.

In such places interaction between the customer and the employee, also in-between the employees            happen all the time. So, the space should be built by Commercial Place for Rent In Chennai             in such a way that the interactions can be advanced in an easy way.

  1. More Drywall replicates in less Space.
    If we look back at the traditional client the things that strike our mind are a center core, high-rise and private offices are placed all around in the outside. In the front of the private space is the Secretarial staff which is open to the clients and others. This kind of layout occupies 37 executives and 51 staffs in total, where 60 % of the space is open and 40% is left behind for doors.

           Two sides of kind of traditional floor plan are kept in the offices and pulled out. So that the light                could penetrate through it. To get more people they have used the cubicles for the interior. They                have also transformed the space that was behind the doors by 17%.

           The marketing of the space is totally developing. The viewpoint of the clients according to the                      Office Space for Rent in Chennai is moving towards more flexibility, which in turn reflects on            lesser construction and tenant advancement costs. 40% of space runs out for the drywall in private            office. The company nowadays cuts the drywall by half or one-third in order to procure more                      space.

  1. The walls have ears!
    The infrastructure of the building and the shell will always link together. The walls are built by the Fully Furnished Office Space for Rent In Chennai with advanced technology that speaks to the furniture, which speaks to the beams, posts and even the floor.

             The floor is layered along with modular electrical underneath it, which the furniture is plugged in              which powers the light. The walls are personal property that justifies the private area, which can                be moved and placed down for further adjustments.


Fully Furnished Office Space for Rent In Chennai, Office Space

Company Workplace Makeovers


As the name suggests this trend is really HOT. Along with the modern era of technological bombardment over our personal life. Everything now is easily accessible like the wireless internet, computer as laptops, even in hand as tablets we still don’t need to be stuck lifelong in a single place.

So these types of desks in the Office Space For Rent In Chennai can be moved around for more space, where the technology is under your feet. Some companies has already taken the big leap and eliminated the personal desks and switched to ‘Hot-desking.’

In layman terms, Hot-desking is a method where no employee is assigned a personal desk or a sitting area. Sounds weird right, But here is the fun part. You just have to come to office like every morning; the surprise part is you can sit anywhere you want. Yes, you heard it right. You can just select anywhere you please to work and hop in that place. The setup can be from desks with monitors and cables to open table work. For this kind of innovation the company has to take upon the responsibility to create spaces which can be easily reconfigured according to the employee tasks and corresponding teams.

Flipping to the other side of the coin, there is a darker side to this colorful idea. In some cases, the employees tend to stick to a place to work and stay there the whole day instead of moving around. It contradicted the sole purpose of this method. As a result eventually the team communication actually dropped.


Movable Desks

These are the next big step where innovation meets technology. These methods use desks that can be reconstructed manually to work individually or even as collaboratively. Both can be achieved by reconfiguring the desks.

These desks are simply like a jig saw puzzle where the puzzle pieces can be reworked, moved and reattached as the employees please. This changes the concept of sturdy office looks and creates a modern office design. These Commercial Office Space For Rent In Chennai includes all the three mobility, collaboration and flexibility.


“Overlap Zones”

A positive energy of spontaneous collaboration among the employees can be increased by this method. Overlap zones make the employees to run into each other.

In this method Office Space In Hitech City use the so called “zonal overlaps” that would eventually make employees to make unplanned interaction which intern mad the, more productive. These types of interaction among them internally and outside the organization improve performance.


Music Rooms

Yea, you heard it right. One of the fine ways to improve the productivity of the employee in the office is to energize them with a very refreshing company culture. Music allows them to get a positive vibe and to blow-off the steam made out of the whole work cycle.   Immersing music to an office space is similar to a desert after a heavy meal. Jamming of the music room filled with guitars, drums, keyboards, stage lighting, AV equipment and even microphone stands are really a unimaginable dream.

Adding a beat to the boring job by the Off Shore Development Centre In Chennai, employees more brisk and productive. But remember to avoid the landlord complaints it’s better to make the entire room soundproof.


Pets in the Office

What? Wait. This can’t be. Is it an office or home?

Yes, it is indeed a new fresh idea implemented to boost the company productivity. Pets help the employees to de-stress at a tremendous level. It makes them active throughout the day and they are also happy to work with their favorite partner around.

It also allows the employees to concentrate more on the work as they needn’t worry about their pet which stays alone in home or staying with a dog walker. Eventually it reduces the rush of employees to go home to see their loved ones.



It is called a super desk for a reason. It is a method where you create a shared desk for the whole company. Shocking right?

Yet it is true. You get to know each other very well in this method by the Office Space For Rent In Hyderabad. Collaborative sense in the employee increases. They tend to share more and become very relaxed. Strong relationship is built within the employees and the friendly nature keeps them get going all day.

If anyone needs privacy or a small group discussion they could readily lift the desks into large arches that have seats built just underneath them.


Plants & Greenery

Surrounded by greenery and fragrance indeed makes mind peaceful and more relaxed. Spending time with nature and sunlight is a peace for soul.

Some Commercial Property For Rent In Chennai have begun to invest their time in greenery and plants. This makes their employees healthier and happier. It boosts the productivity by 15%.  The feeling of siting outside a park on a bench is far more relaxing than a desk and table with walls all around. Some company came up with a innovative idea of hanging garden in their office space. The plants and the natural light thrown at your face makes work place a paradise to reside. It also reduces eye strain, mental stress and fresh breath.

Live plants also have the power to reduce the toxic levels in the air emitted by the rugs, furniture and so on. Some air cleaning plants include Kimberley Queens, Palm trees and Boston ferns.

Isn’t it wonderful to see how the companies make innovative ideas to keep the employees happy and healthy. Even though it may be from the productivity perspective it also waves hand for good nature and maintain the freshness of the environment. The employees are also starting to enjoy the work place and the office hours. The world moves at a tremendous phase and day by day the whole idea of office space is beginning to change in a drastic matter. Who knows offices in beaches and in the middle of the ocean, even in island, top of mountain may also come soon. Eventually office space will be no longer called as office building and it will really stand up to its name “space.”


Fully Furnished Office Space for Rent In Chennai


We all know that our second home is our office. We spend most of the time or in some cases more than home in our office only. So the second home we are living should keep up to its name. The employees should feel comfortable and should be happy to come to office. Instead of feeling depressed and unwillingly dragging themselves to their desk.

Considering this in the mind, it’s crucial that your office design is made up to be the finest possible working environment. It will make your employees more comfortable, make their mind relaxed and themselves more productive. It will convert them from a Gnashnab to a more adaptive person. A tip for a good Office Space in Chennai is briefed.

The different types of Office Space Plans are explained below.

Closed cubicles

The closed cubicle has become closely associated with the word “office design.” The paradox is that the cubicle was initially designed to recover us from the open plan offices of old set up where the desks would be facing the same direction and lined up like a classroom.

In was back in early 1960s, it was introduced that the office workers needed independence and autonomy. They offered a three-walled design that was flexible and could be reshaped to any given need. Hence the cubicle was born.

However, on the steeper side the businesses came to the hideous conclusion of using the office cubicles to squeeze more number of people into even smaller space. Now, it has become a bane to the employees and they began to hate the prison life of boxed-office. Many Commercial Place for Rent In Chennai still follows this method.

Open plan

Lately, the trends of the OFFICE SPACE have been to adapt to an open environment. The logical reason behind this method is the key secret. That is the employees will be happier and productive if they work combined in an open space instead of being deserted behind the office walls.

Open plan offices motivate the employees for a social interaction and it also makes individuals feel less deserted. It helps to promote creativity and it also allows spontaneous interjections.  Some of the Fully Furnished Office Space for Rent In Chennai have chosen open plan as their preference.

Added advantage is that, it’s likely helpful for the less experienced members and the interns of the team to get a hand from those in more experienced roles. 

The Epic Battle: Open plan vs. closed cubicles

Taking part in debate on this topic is indeed a tiresome job. It’s a toe to toe battle between these two plans. Jumping into a conclusion that could suit every aspect of the office is indeed impossible. Which increases productivity and which satisfies the employees is almost a puzzling question for any Commercial Office Space for Rent in Chennai.

If Cubicles makes your employees feel trapped and boxed in. Then is it the open office plan really the solution?

Regrettably, there’s no forthright answer. Every office environment is absolutely unique in its size, aims and role. Before you even turn your head towards the décor and the colors. A very important to list out the pros and cons of each setup. Consider the layout option your mind and then pick a pot that suites you and your employees well. Try to create a culture that suits best for your line of work and space.

Which is better?

If you look back the reviews conducted at various work streams in various companies. It has been quoted that the employees working in a open plan environment were not pretty much happy as everyone thought as it would be more productive.

The Employees complaint was mainly on one issue. That is the “major lack of privacy.” They considered this as one of the key reason for the dissatisfaction at work. They also emphasized on the increased level of noise irritation and high level of distraction as their main backlogs of job satisfaction.  Every Office Space for Rent in Chennai faces these problems.

Suddenly after listening to these we cannot derive a conclusion by only considering the face-value. On the downside we cannot totally believe and consider that the employees were all perfect and did their job perfectly without wasting even a minute. They dedicated their work time whole heartedly. Only a very few could rise up saying they haven’t wasted a second on their work life. A survey for wasting time in the workplace was also conducted in which the result revealed that 89 percent of employees who responded admitted of wasting time daily.

The issue “lack of privacy” stated by many workers in open-plan environments are generally because they feel of being monitored by the authorities and they could not spend their time browsing Facebook and fishing their mobile phone during their working hours.

The biggest accusation by the cubicle workers is the irritating level of noise. They stated it as a solid workplace distraction that disturbs almost everyone no matter whatever is the office design template and layout.

Conclusively, it’s indeed important to consider the size of your company, the roles of your employees that pick a layout that in turn suits you. If your employees spend lot of their time into the phone, then ultimately an open-plan environment would not be the best option to go for. But if you in a a creative team that tirelessly works together and throws off ideas on each other, then an open plan could suit you and provide your employees to converse with ease.

Hence, any Office for Rent In Chennai should keep these things in mind before constructing a Office Space.